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Action Adventure Game

Polar Stars is an action game played solo. The purpose of the game is simply to clear groups of like-colored stars in order to reveal the white polar stars. The main aim is to clear the board and get maximum points. It is much better for players to focus on making smart moves rather than being fast. Players should try to identify the best approach to clear the stars. Players can clear levels faster and more efficiently if they target groups of colors. Polar Stars offers extra points when a player targets and clears bigger groups of stars.

How to play

Polar Stars action game

Each Polar Stars game lasts for 4:30 minutes. Players must reveal different constellations by uncovering all of the white pointing stars in order to complete each level. The aim should be to clear the whole board for maximum points.

Polar stars play online

The game has 4 levels and a bonus round. Completing all four levels gives players the chance to play the bonus round. Some star colors cover joker icons. Players should aim to clear these stars and collect different joker icons (there are 4). The joker should only be used when clearing the board, but players can also use it to clear single stars, entire rows, entire columns of stars, or even to shuffle stars on the board. Players should strive to finish rounds with unused jokers for extra points. They can exercise the joker option in upcoming levels.

The Polar Stars bonus round requires speed and accuracy to earn more points. This bonus round has new stars that continue to appear and fill the board. Speed reflexes enable players to clear the new stars faster before they totally fill up the board. Clearing many stars in the bonus round prompts pop-ups that give players mega points.