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Potion Panic: The Bewitched Match-3 Experience

Playing Potion Panic Online

Potion Panic is an exciting and enthralling combination online game where you can choose to play as a wise magician or an impulsive witch. Your ultimate goal is to reduce your opponent's energy to zero by brewing potions made up of same-colored groups.

Potion Panic action game

Potion Panic offers a visually appealing and interactive gameplay experience. This online game has easy-to-learn mechanics and colorful design, it's an entertaining game for players of all ages. The online game is free to play. Whether you're a wise magician or an impulsive witch, get ready to put a hex on your opponent and brew the most powerful potions!

How to play Potion Panic

To play this online game, simply use the left mouse button to swap two adjacent flasks by clicking on one and dragging it to the other. You need to form a group of at least three same-colored flasks either vertically or horizontally. Diagonal and corner connections do not count.

Potion Panic play online

If you're able to form a group, the flasks disappear, and an ingredient with a corresponding color appears on your shelf. You can also form larger groups or combos to gain extra advantages. For instance, if you form a group of 4 same-colored flasks, you get an extra turn, while forming a group of 5 same-colored flasks results in an extra turn and three skulls appearing on the game field.

You can also collect rare skull flasks which can be swapped with other game tiles to reduce your opponent's energy. Whenever your shelf is full, your character brews a powerful magic potion that causes your opponent to lose energy.

The game lasts until one character's energy reaches zero. If the time for your move runs out, your character loses 4 energy points.

Moreover, the more magic potions you brew, the more your character's power increases. Once you've brewed enough potions, your character's level will increase, and their appearance will change.

Hints and tips

It's your turn when the border of the game field lights up.

Making quick combinations and planning ahead are crucial in Potion Panic! Start planning your moves during your opponent's turn.

If you are unable to find any of the ingredients you need, try taking an ingredient your opponent needs!