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Classic Dice Game

Roll 5 is a favorite classic dice game played by several players. Roll 5 is a skill game where players try to get the best possible outcome from each roll of the dice. The Roll 5 game requires players to achieve scores on the table by intelligently selecting groups of dice. An element of chance and matching combinations adds new meaning to a game of strategy. The game has 15 rounds, in which players roll the dice 3 times to record the best results from the killer combinations. The Roll 5 game differs from the usual Roll 5 where the winner takes a chance, but the player with the best selections wins since all players roll the same dice values. The best strategy in Roll 5 always produces winners.

How to play Roll 5

Roll 5 board game

The Roll 5 game requires skill and strategic approach for all 15 rounds, since players have to finish all the rounds to collect the most points and determine the winner. Players can play both versions of the Roll 5 game online, where they get to play against other players in real time.

Roll 5 play online

Participants need to click or drag the dice cup over the table to roll the dice. To roll, all a player needs to do is to click on the selected dice; they can select different dice in the next round. After the third roll of dice, each player must record scores on the score table, and patiently wait for the remaining players to complete their rounds. This process goes on until the final 15th round.

In Roll 5, players must strategically save different combinations of the dice for each line in the score table. The top part of the table records points determined by the total value of the dice, which have to be consistent with the dice value. In the lower section of the Roll 5 score table, players must meet certain conditions to earn points.